Behind the Stigma

Self-transcendence with Professor David Yaden

October 07, 2022 Behind the Stigma Season 1 Episode 40
Behind the Stigma
Self-transcendence with Professor David Yaden
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This week, I speak with Professor David Yaden,  Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine, on the topic of self-transcendence and psychedelic-assisted therapy. We discuss what psychedelic-assisted therapy is, its importance for mental health conditions, and a focus on the set and setting of clinical trials. Professor Yaden defines the meaning of transcendence and the importance of spiritual and mystical experiences. We conclude by discussing limitations in the field, and his new book: Varieties of Spiritual Experience. 

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The importance of spirituality and mystical experiences
The role of non-psychedelic psychedelics - are they the future & should they be?
David Yaden's Paper - Preparing for the Bursting of the Psychedelic Hype Bubble
The Varieties of Spiritual Experience - new book release!